Lueosi Edit

Elite [Rydr] (formerly CsM) pilot and is often Daniel's co-captain in competitive events. Lueosi is also famous for having the most matches of anyone ever and having a cool white hat

GeoRmr Edit

Geo is the leader of The Storm Ryders and has me blocked so screw you I'm not writing anymore

Lydia Litvyak Edit

Lydia is an engineer for The Storm Rydrs and occasional pilot for the Kaktuskumpelz Zweitausenddrei, and alternate team comprised of some Rydrs and some friends. Daniel is not part of this team. Lydia has been allowed, by Daniel, to "shoot the gatling"

Replaceable Edit

Ex-Cake, all around traitor, and gets yelled at by Daniel a lot

LazyPandas (???) Edit

Elite Pilot for "The Dishwashing Clan" and co-casted Daniel once. Likes pancakes